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Artist Bio

Alicia Brock grew up in the great state of Georgia where she received degrees in Education, Art Education, and a Masters of Art Education. Besides working as an art teacher in various public schools, The Helen Keller School, and as a missionary in Mexico, Alicia has illustrated two books and worked as a professional artist in oils, pencil, and clay for over twenty years.

Alicia developed an early love for the beauty and spirit of the old west from her father, Billy, who bought her her first horse at age eleven and made  Saturday trail rides adventures to be treasured. Ever the cowboy himself, he later fulfilled his dream of finding a home in Cody, Wyoming. Doubtless, he was her first artistic influence and the first man to inspire her as a true Man of Integrity.

One of her latest endeavors is a series that is very close to her heart entitled Men of Integrity. Men of Integrity is a series of sculptures, oil paintings, sketches, and mixed media focused on three men who exemplify the best attributes of the “Cowboy Hero”. These personified attributes include their uncompromising effort to live their personal lives as honorably as the characters which they portrayed on screen.

Alicia has also completed a new sculpture entitled "Adaptation in Three Acts (Endurance of Geronimo)"which was inspired by the one man play Entitled Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, written by Janelle Meraz-Hooper, directed by Steve Railsback, and starring Rudy Ramos. as well as an accompanying oil painting of Rudy in the role of Geronimo.

Her latest work is as illustrator of a book about Ches McCartney, "the Goat Man", a local celebrity in and about her home town in north western Georgia. The book is authored by Anita Buise and has just been released! It is available to order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at


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