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Men of Integrity Series


The first choice, and rightfully so, for the series is Clint Walker. Clint Walker may be best remembered by many as T.V.s Cheyenne in the long running series by the same name which first aired in 1955 and ran until 1963. Clint was the perfect choice for Cheyenne Bodie,  the easy going, traveling-defender of good and right, as Clint too stood up for what was right and the kind treatment of others throughout his life.


The lead in two television series, he also starred in many movies during his career including his role as big Sampson Posey in the acclaimed movie, The Dirty Dozen. Clint, who was well known for his imposing physique and striking looks, carefully chose the roles that he played as well as the lines that he would say- even at the cost of turning down some popular roles for the sake of his morals and the way he felt he should live his life.


Clint passed away in May of 2018, just one week before his 91st birthday. He was a very caring and intelligent man who continues to be a proponent of healthy living, standing up for yourself and the rights of others, always making an effort to be kind, and listening for God’s guidance in life.  He was, and should be remembered as, a true Man of Integrity.

I want to sincerely thank Clint's family for all of their support in this project as well as his good friends Bonnie and Neil .

Second man soon to come!

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